Apple Butter Days – October 19-20, 2019

Apple Butter 2011-Diane Lewis

Batesville residents have been making apple butter as a fundraiser endeavor since 1975. It is the community’s premier fall event.

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In 2019, as part of Batesville’s premier fall event we will cut wood for the fires, haul tents and chairs, peel and sliced 66 bushels of apples, stir, prepare and serve breakfast, can, label, and clean up – and every other task. We use two 100-gallon kettles and produce around 180 gallons of butter. In 2018 we filled 1,400 pint jars, most of sold in the field. A limited supply will be available at The Batesville Market.

Many long-time regulars participate as do newer locals and “greater Batesvillians” – and the youth of Batesville make a HUGE contribution. The apple peeling and grinding team usually finishs before 5:00 pm and the evening and early morning stirrers are up to the all night task, often despite gale force winds, rain, and cold.

The breakfast is always popular. Workers eat free; and the canning and jarring production usually finishes by noon. Everyone from near (and some from afar) join in the peeling, stirring and canning – the Batesville Apple Butter crew is legendary. Welcome to all newcomers – and regular … we expect you back in force this year.

All money raised from the event goes to support local groups.

Many thanks to Crown Orchard for donating the apples, Dr. Ho’s Humble Pie for nighttime pizzas for the stirrers, and Twin Oaks Community Foods gives us wonderful veggie sausage for breakfast. A friend donates pumpkins and gourds for sale. The Batesville Market is our mainstay with much support .

And we are SO appreciative of Charlie Page’s and Leslie Andrus’ generous use of their field year after year.